Part 4: The Art of Dreaming – Carlos Castaneda

Part 3: The Art of Dreaming – Carlos Castaneda

There is a second round of the recapitulation. It consists of a new recapitulation pattern. Construct a jigsaw puzzle by recapitulating, without any apparent order, different events of your life.

It’ll be a mess if you let your pettiness choose the events you are going to recapitulate. Instead, let the spirit decide. Be silent, and then get to the event the spirit points out.

There are two basic rounds to the recapitulation, the first is called formality and rigidity, and the second fluidity.

When dreaming you are seeing your body you have to establish some valid guide to find out whether you are actually seeing your body asleep in your bed. Remember, you must be in your actual room, seeing your actual body. Otherwise, what you are having is merely a dream. If that’s the case, control that dream, either by observing its detail or by changing it. Figure out a way to validate the fact that you are looking at yourself. Use your own judgment.

Dreamers have to be imaginative to move their energy bodies. Sorcerers say that at the third gate the entire energy body can move like energy moves: fast and directly. Their energy bodies know exactly how to move. They can move as they move in the inorganic beings’ world. When your energy body learns to move by itself, you’ll be thoroughly out of the inorganic beings’ reach.

Be impeccable. I have told you this dozens of times. To be impeccable means to put your life on the line in order to back up your decisions, and then to do quite a lot more than your best to realize those decisions. When you are not deciding anything, you are merely playing roulette with your life in a helter-skelter way.

Instead of struggling to walk in dreaming , one wills oneself to move. It takes sorcerers forever to learn to move the energy body with their own volition. Once you’ve learned how to move your energy body by yourself, you should continue moving. Moving your energy body opens up a new area of extraordinary exploration.

Again, one must come up with an idea to validate the faithfulness of one’s dreams.

To be transported by a scout is the real dreaming task of the second gate. It is a very serious matter, but not as serious as forging and moving the energy body. Therefore, when the time comes, you have to make sure, by some means of your own, whether you are actually seeing yourself asleep or whether you are merely dreaming that you’re seeing yourself asleep. One’s new extraordinary exploration hinges on really seeing oneself asleep.

Dreamers take a very long time to perfect their energy bodies. And this is exactly what’s at stake here: perfecting your energy body. The reason the energy body is compelled to examine detail and get inextricably stuck in it is its inexperience, its incompleteness. Sorcerers spend a lifetime consolidating the energy body by letting it sponge up everything possible.

Until the energy body is complete and mature, it is self-absorbed. It can’t get free from the compulsion to be absorbed by everything. But if one takes this into consideration, instead of fighting the energy body, one can lend it a hand by directing its behavior, that is to say, by stalking it.

Since everything related to the energy body depends on the appropriate position of the assemblage point, and since dreaming is nothing else but the means to displace it, stalking is, consequently, the way to make the assemblage point stay put on the perfect position, in this case, the position where the energy body can become consolidated and from which it can finally emerge.

The moment the energy body can move on its own, sorcerers assume that the optimum position of the assemblage point has been reached. The next step is to stalk it, that is, to fixate it on that position in order to complete the energy body. The procedure is simplicity itself. One intends to stalk it.

Let your energy body intend to reach the optimum dreaming position . Then, let your energy body intend to stay at that position and you will be stalking .

Intending is the secret. Sorcerers displace their assemblage points through intending and fixate them, equally, through intending . And there is no technique for intending . One intends through usage.

The ideal spot and the fixation of the assemblage point are metaphors. They have nothing to do with the words used to describe them.

What comes next is a sorcerer’s gem, the real task; seeing energy in your dreaming with your energy body.

Dreamers have a rule of thumb. If their energy body is complete, they see energy every time they gaze at an item in the daily world. In dreams, if they see the energy of an item, they know they are dealing with a real world, no matter how distorted that world may appear to their dreaming attention. If they can’t see the energy of an item, they are in an ordinary dream and not in a real world.

What is a real world? A world that generates energy; the opposite of a phantom world of projections, where nothing generates energy, like most of our dreams, where nothing has an energetic effect.

Another definition of dreaming is: a process by which dreamers isolate dream conditions in which they can find energy-generating elements. Dreaming is the process by which we intend to find adequate positions of the assemblage point, positions that permit us to perceive energy-generating items in dreamlike states.

The energy body is also capable of perceiving energy that is quite different from the energy of our own world, as in the case of items of the inorganic beings’ realm, which the energy body perceives as sizzling energy. In our world nothing sizzles; everything here wavers.

From a certain point the issue of your dreaming will be to determine whether the items on which you focus your dreaming attention are energy generating, mere phantom projections, or generators of foreign energy.

Seeing energy is the gauge to determine whether or not you are observing your real body asleep.

In order to see in dreaming not only do you have to intend seeing but you have to put your intent into words. You have to speak up. There are other means to accomplish the same result, but voicing one’s intent is one of the simplest and most direct way.

You need to have patience. You are learning to do something extraordinary, you are learning to intend to see in your dreams. Someday you will not have to voice your intent ; you’ll simply will it, silently.

If nothing happens when you voice your intent to see it means that your dream is an ordinary dream; phantom projections; images that have life only in your dreaming attention.

Don’t give up or get discouraged. Keep on trying. Sooner or later, you’ll hit the right note.

The drill for the third gate of dreaming is to make the energy body move on its own.

In special dreams, our dreaming attention focuses on the daily world, and it moves instantly from one real object to another in the world. What makes this movement possible is that the assemblage point is on the proper dreaming position . From that position, the assemblage point gives the dreaming attention such fluidity that it can move in a split second over incredible distances, and in doing so it produces a perception so fast, so fleeting that it resembles an ordinary dream.

When your energy body is complete and functioning, the implication that you see energy in your dream is that you are perceiving a real world, through the veil of a dream.

Unless we see in dreaming , we can’t tell a real, energy-generating thing from a phantom projection.

The world is like an onion, it has many skins. The world we know is but one of them. Sometimes, we cross boundaries and enter into another skin: another world, very much like this one, but not the same.

In the view of sorcerers, the universe is constructed in layers, which the energy body can cross. Do you know where the old sorcerers are still existing to this day? In another layer, in another skin of the onion.

The idea of a real, pragmatic journey, taken in dreams, is very difficult to understand or to accept. The journey of the energy body depends exclusively on the position of the assemblage point.

Our problem is our cynicism. Cynicism doesn’t allow us to make drastic changes in our understanding of the world. It also forces us to feel that we are always right.

I propose that you do one nonsensical thing that might turn the tide. Repeat to yourself incessantly that the hinge of sorcery is the mystery of the assemblage point. If you repeat this to yourself long enough, some unseen force takes over and makes the appropriate changes in you.

Cut your cynical attitude! Repeat this in a bona fide manner. The mystery of the assemblage point is everything in sorcery. Or rather, everything in sorcery rests on the manipulation of the assemblage point. You may know all this, but you have to repeat it.

There is an enormous difference between the thoughts and deeds of the men of antiquity and those of modern men. The men of ancient times had a very realistic view of perception and awareness because their view stemmed from their observations of the universe around them. Modern men, in contrast, have an absurdly unrealistic view of perception and awareness because their view stems from their observations of the social order and from their dealings with it.

You are a modern man involved with the views and observations of men of antiquity. And none of those views and observations are familiar to you. Now more than ever you need sobriety and aplomb. I am trying to make a solid bridge, a bridge you can walk on, between the views of men of ancient times and those of modern men.

Of all the transcendental observations of the men of ancient times, the only one with which you are familiar, because it has filtered down to our day, is the idea of selling our souls to the devil in exchange for immortality, which sounds to me like something coming straight out of the relationship of the old sorcerers with the inorganic beings.

Succumbing to the lure of the inorganic beings is not just an idea; it’s real. Dreaming , likewise, is real; it is an energy-generating condition. You hear my statements and you may understand what I mean, but your awareness hasn’t caught up with the total implication of it yet.

When you are fully aware of what an energy-generating condition means you will measure dreaming with the greatest care and deliberation. When you believe you are just dreaming , you take blind chances. Faulty reasoning tells you that no matter what happens, at a given moment the dream will be over and you will wake up.

I am talking to you about the views of men of antiquity and the views of modern man because your awareness, which is the awareness of modern man, prefers to deal with an unfamiliar concept as if it were an empty ideality.

If I left it up to you, you’d regard dreaming as an idea. Of course, I’m sure you take dreaming seriously, but you don’t quite believe in the reality of dreaming .

I am saying all this because the time will come when you are in the proper position to understand that dreaming is an energy-generating condition. Then, you will understand that ordinary dreams are the honing devices used to train the assemblage point to reach the position that creates this energy-generating condition we call dreaming .

Since dreamers touch and enter real worlds of all-inclusive effects, they ought to be in a permanent state of the most intense and sustained alertness; any deviation from total alertness imperils the dreamer in ways more than dreadful.
Regard dreaming as something extremely dangerous. And begin that now.

When you can displace your assemblage point quickly and easily that ease can have the tendency to make the displacement erratic. Then you must bring that ease to order. And don’t allow yourself even a fraction of an inch leeway.

Faithfully and daily repeat what I asked you to repeat, that everything in sorcery rests on the manipulation of the assemblage point. The results of your litany-like invocation will be incredible. It has the same effect on one’s awareness that exercise has on the muscles of the body. Your assemblage point becomes more agile, which means that seeing energy in dreaming becomes the sole goal of your practices. A moment then comes when you are able just to intend seeing , without saying a word, and actually experience the same result as when you voice out loud your intent to see .
The energy of our world wavers. It scintillates. Not only living beings but everything in our world glimmers with an inner light of its own. The energy of our world consists of layers of shimmering hues. The top layer is whitish; another, immediately adjacent to it, is chartreuse; and another one, more distant yet, is amber. You will see glimmers of them whenever items that you encounter in your dreamlike states change shapes. However, a whitish glow is always the initial impact of seeing anything that generates energy.

There is an endless number of different hues, but for the purposes of a beginning order, you should be concerned with those three. Later on, you can get as sophisticated as you want and isolate dozens of hues, if you are able to do it.
The whitish layer is the hue of the present position of mankind’s assemblage point. Let’s say that it is a modern hue. Sorcerers believe that everything man does nowadays is tinted with that whitish glow. At another time, more distant yet, it made it amber. The color of sorcerers’ energy is amber, which means that they are energetically associated with the men who existed in a distant past.

The present whitish hue may change someday if man is capable of evolving. The grand task of sorcerers is to bring forth the idea that, in order to evolve, man must first free his awareness from its bindings to the social order. Once awareness is free, intent will redirect it into a new evolutionary path.

Sorcerers have succeeded in that task. They themselves are the proof. To convince others of the value and import of evolving is another matter.

The other kind of energy present in our world but alien to it is the scouts energy, the energy that sizzles.

Bear in mind that not every scout you are going to find belongs to the realm of inorganic beings. Some of the scouts you will encounter are going to be not from the inorganic beings’ realm but from other, even more distant levels of awareness.
Since scouts are aware of themselves, they make contact with us when we are awake. But our great misfortune is to have our consciousness so fully engaged that we don’t have time to pay attention. In our sleep, however, the two-way-traffic trapdoor opens: we dream. And in our dreams, we make contact.

The way to tell whether the scouts are from a level besides the inorganic beings’ world is: the greater their sizzling, the farther they come from. It sounds simplistic, but you have to let your energy body tell you what is what. I assure you, it’ll make very fine distinctions and unerring judgments when faced with alien energy.

Unless you know exactly what you are doing and what you want out of alien energy, you have to be content with a brief glance. Anything beyond a glance is as dangerous and as stupid as petting a rattlesnake.

Scouts are always very aggressive and extremely daring. They have to be that way in order to prevail in their explorations. Sustaining our dreaming attention on them is tantamount to soliciting their awareness to focus on us. Once they focus their attention on us, we are compelled to go with them. And that, of course, is the danger. We may end up in worlds beyond our energetic possibilities.

There are many types of scouts, but at a beginning level of energy one can only focus on three. The first two types are the easiest to spot. Their disguises in our dreams are so outlandish, that they immediately attract our dreaming attention. The scouts of the third type are the most dangerous, in terms of aggressiveness and power, and because they hide behind subtle disguises.

One of the strangest things dreamers find, which you yourself will find, is this third type of scout. The most ferocious scout hides behind people in our dreams. It’s annoying that they are always associated with the dream images of our parents or close friends. Perhaps that’s why we often feel ill at ease when we dream of them. A rule of thumb for dreamers is to assume that the third type of scout is present whenever they feel perturbed by their parents or friends in a dream. Sound advice is to avoid those dream images. They are sheer poison.

Blue energy doesn’t sizzle. It is like ours; it wavers, but it is blue instead of white. Blue energy doesn’t exist in a natural state in our world.

The deadly scouts of the third type are bright orange.

The inorganic beings only show themselves at the beginning. After their scouts take us to their world, there is no necessity for the inorganic beings’ projections. If we want to see the inorganic beings, a scout takes us there. For no one, and I mean no one, can journey by himself to their realm.

Their world is sealed. No one can enter or leave without the consent of the inorganic beings. The only thing you can do by yourself once you are inside is, of course, voice your intent to stay. To say it out loud means to set in motion currents of energy that are irreversible. In olden times, words were incredibly powerful. Now they are not. In the inorganic beings’ realm, they haven’t lost their power.

There is one last issue related to that world that we haven’t discussed. In the final analysis my aversion to the old sorcerers’ activities is very personal. As a nagual, I detest what they did. They cowardly sought refuge in the inorganic beings’ world. They argued that in a predatorial universe, poised to rip us apart, the only possible haven for us is in that realm.

They believed that because it’s true. Since the inorganic beings can’t lie, the sales pitch of the dreaming emissary is all true. That world can give us shelter and prolong our awareness for nearly an eternity.

When the emissary’s sales pitch, even if it’s the truth, has no appeal to you, and you are ready to chance a road that might rip you apart, you will be ready for this one final statement about that world. The most dreadful statement I can make.

The energy necessary to move the assemblage points of sorcerers comes from the realm of inorganic beings.

This is the truth and the legacy of the old sorcerers to us. The inorganic beings have us pinned down to this day. This is the reason I don’t like them. I resent having to dip into one source alone. Personally, I refuse to do it. And I am trying to steer you away from it.

We can’t have dealings with them. And yet we can’t stay away from them. My solution has been to take their energy but not give into their influence. This is known as the ultimate stalking . It is done by sustaining the unbending intent of freedom, even though no sorcerer knows what freedom really is.

The reason sorcerers have to take energy from the realm of inorganic beings is because there is no other viable energy for sorcerers. In order to maneuver the assemblage point in the manner they do, sorcerers need an inordinate amount of energy. As I’ve said, a redeployment of energy is necessary in order to do dreaming . To start dreaming sorcerers need to redefine their premises and save their energy, but that redefining is valid only to have the necessary energy to set up dreaming . To fly into other realms, to see energy, to forge the energy body, et cetera, et cetera, is another matter. For those maneuvers, sorcerers need loads of dark, alien energy.

They take it from the inorganic beings’ world by the mere act of going to that world. All the sorcerers of our line have to do this.

Awareness is an endless area of exploration for sorcerers and man in general. In order to enhance awareness, there is no risk we should not run, no means we should refuse. Bear in mind, however, that only in soundness of mind can awareness be enhanced.

I’m going to propose a line of action for you. It’s the last task of the third gate of dreaming , and it consists of stalking the stalkers , a most mysterious maneuver. To stalk the stalkers means to deliberately draw energy from the inorganic beings’ realm in order to perform a sorcery feat. A journey–a journey that uses awareness as an element of the environment.

In the world of daily life, water is an element of the environment that we use for traveling. Imagine awareness being a similar element that can be used for traveling. Through the medium of awareness, scouts from all over the universe come to us, and vice versa; via awareness, sorcerers go to the ends of the universe.

Awareness is an energetic element. You have to make that distinction. For sorcerers who see , awareness is a glow. They can hitch their energy body to that glow and go with it.

The difference between a physical and an energetic element is that physical elements are part of our interpretation system, and energetic elements are not. Energetic elements, like awareness, exist in our universe. But we, as average people, perceive only the physical elements because we were taught to do so. Sorcerers perceive the energetic elements for the same reason: they were taught to do so.

The use of awareness as an energetic element of our environment is the essence of sorcery. In terms of practicalities, the trajectory of sorcery is, first, to free the existing energy in us by impeccably following the sorcerers’ path; second, to use that energy to develop the energy body by means of dreaming ; and, third, to use awareness as an element of the environment in order to enter with the energy body and all our physicality into other worlds.

There are two kinds of energy journeys into other worlds. One is when awareness picks up the sorcerer’s energy body and takes it wherever it may, and the other is when the sorcerer decides, in full consciousness, to use the avenue of awareness to make a journey. It takes an enormous discipline to do the second.

In the life of sorcerers there are issues that require masterful handling, and dealing with awareness, as an energetic element open to the energy body, is the most important, vital, and dangerous of those issues.

With enough energy you can perform the last task of the third gate of dreaming : to break the boundaries of the normal world and, using awareness as an energetic element, enter into another. This breaking and entering amounts to stalking the stalkers . Using awareness as an element of the environment bypasses the influence of the inorganic beings, but it still uses their energy.

In a pinch, your energy body is perfectly capable of taking care of itself.

After getting into a state of total inner silence, slip gently into dreaming , voicing your intent to go to the realm of the inorganic beings. Once you are in the world of the inorganic beings, you have to voice your intent to transfer your normal awareness to your energy body. What is important is that you intend the transfer of the total awareness of your daily world to your energy body.

Transferring awareness is purely a matter of voicing your intent and having the necessary amount of energy to tip the scales. That means to be able to add one’s total physical mass to the energy body. Using awareness as a medium to make the journey into another world is not the result of applying any techniques but is the corollary of intending and having enough energy to be energetically capable of pulling our physicality and placing it on the energy body in order to make that journey.

In order to enter into that other world your total physical mass has to be added to your energy body. The great difficulty of this maneuver is to discipline the energy body. Lack of discipline is the only reason you may fail in performing this feat of ultimate stalking . Sometimes, as a fluke, an average person ends up performing it and entering into another world. But this is immediately explained away as insanity or hallucination.

Forget the self and you will fear nothing.

During an experience of stalking the stalkers one realizes that perceiving is an all-inclusive act when the assemblage point has been immobilized on one position. I have told you that the power our daily world has over us is a result of the fact that our assemblage point is immobile on its habitual position. This immobility is what makes our perception of the world so inclusive and overpowering that we cannot escape from it. If you want to break this totally inclusive force, all you have to do is dispel the fog, that is to say, displace the assemblage point by intending its displacement.

You yourself will understand what I mean the moment you have to bring your assemblage point to another position in order to dispel that world’s fog which will begin to swallow you during a maneuver of stalking the stalkers . The reentry into our world is automatic if we don’t let the fog set in.

Ordinarily dreamers experience the whole maneuver as a series of slow transitions, and they have to voice their intent to use awareness as an element. Ordinarily, dreamers are merely voyeurs.

The old sorcerers’ damnation was that the inorganic beings took them to worlds from which they could not return.

Since they entered into that world with all their physicality, the fixation of their assemblage points on the position preselected by the inorganic beings was so overpowering that it created a sort of fog that obliterated any memory of the world they came from. The natural consequence of such an immobility, is that the dreamer ‘s assemblage point cannot return to its habitual position.

Think about this. Perhaps this is exactly what is happening to all of us in the world of daily life. We are here, and the fixation of our assemblage point is so overpowering that it has made us forget where we came from, and what our purpose was for coming here. The task is to sneak by the inorganic beings, not be run by them.

Perhaps you will stalk the stalkers when you have the strength. Or perhaps you’ll never accomplish it. It doesn’t really matter; if one thing doesn’t work, another will. Sorcery is an endless challenge.

In order to use awareness as an element of the environment, dreamers first have to make a journey to the inorganic beings’ realm. Then they have to use that journey as a springboard, and, while they are in possession of the necessary dark energy, they have to intend to be hurled through the medium of awareness into another world.

In your dreaming practices, see energy in energy-generating dreamlike states. When you are able to see everything that presents itself to you, you may become incapable of rendering intelligently what you see . It may be then, as though you have reached states of perception for which you have no lexicon.

Such incomprehensible and indescribable visions would be your energy body using awareness as an element not for journeying, because you wouldn’t yet have enough energy, but for entering into the energy fields of inanimate matter or of living beings.

At the fourth gate of dreaming , the energy body travels to specific, concrete places. There are three ways of using the fourth gate: one, to travel to concrete places in this world; two, to travel to concrete places out of this world; and, three, to travel to places that exist only in the intent of others. Whether or not you can cross the fourth gate by yourself is up to the spirit.

Modern-day sorcerers have realized that only if they remain totally detached can they have the energy to be free. Theirs is a peculiar type of detachment, which is born not out of fear or indolence but out of conviction.

Stretch your arms in front of you, to the sides, and then behind you. It relaxes the body.

For modern-day sorcerers to perceive energy directly is a matter of personal attainment. We maneuver the assemblage point through self-discipline.

Your energy body has endless resources. Modern-day sorcerers do not know the details of the thousands of possible positions of the assemblage point. By details I mean particular ways of treating the energy body in order to maintain the assemblage point fixed on specific positions.

Most of the shifts modern-day sorcerers experience are mild shifts within a thin bundle of energetic luminous filaments inside the luminous egg, a bundle called the band of man, or the purely human aspect of the universe’s energy. Beyond that band, but still within the luminous egg, lies the realm of the grand shifts. When the assemblage point shifts to any spot on that area, perception is still comprehensible to us, but extremely detailed procedures are required for perception to be total.

Every grand shift has different inner workings which modern sorcerers could learn if they knew how to fixate the assemblage point long enough at any grand shift.

By inducing a systematic displacement of the assemblage point, dreaming liberates perception, enlarging the scope of what can be perceived.

For the sorcerers of my party, dreaming has not only opened the doors of other perceivable worlds but prepared us for entering into those realms in full awareness.

The second attention has endless treasures to be discovered. The initial position in which the dreamer places his body is of key importance. The old sorcerers used to call this the twin positions. The initial position in which a dreamer holds his physical body to begin dreaming is mirrored by the position in which he holds his energy body, in dreams, to fixate his assemblage point on any spot of his choosing. The two positions make a unit.

The position in which one places the body is of utmost importance. Start your dreaming by lying on your right side, with your knees a bit bent. The discipline is to maintain that position and fall asleep in it. In dreaming , then, the exercise is to dream that you lie down in exactly the same position and fall asleep again.

It makes the assemblage point stay put, and I mean really stay put, in whatever position it is at the instant of that second falling asleep. The result of this exercise is total perception.

The four variations of the exercise are to fall asleep lying on the right side, the left, the back, and the stomach. Then in dreaming the exercise is to dream of falling asleep a second time in the same position as the dreaming had been started.

I came from a line of sorcerers who knew how to move about in the second attention by projecting their intent . They practiced the art of projecting their thoughts in dreaming in order to accomplish the truthful reproduction of any object or structure or landmark or scenery of their choice.

The sorcerers of my line used to start by gazing at a simple object and memorizing every detail of it. They would then close their eyes and visualize the object and correct their visualization against the true object until they could see it, in its completeness, with their eyes shut.

The next thing in their developing scheme was to dream with the object and create in the dream, from the point of view of their own perception, a total materialization of the object. This act is called the first step to total perception.

From a simple object, those sorcerers went on to take more and more complex items. Their final aim was for all of them together to visualize a total world, then dream that world and thus re-create a totally veritable realm where they could exist.

When any of the sorcerers of my line were able to do that they could easily pull anyone into their intent , into their dream.

Whole populations disappeared dreaming like that. It’s possible because they visualized and then re-created in dreaming the same scenery.

To cross the fourth gate and travel to places that exist only in someone else’s intent is perilous, since every item in such a dream has to be an ultimately personal item.

The essence of my explanation is that if you were, for instance, dreaming of your hometown and your dream had started when you lay down on your right side, you could very easily stay in the town of your dream if you would lie on your right side, in the dream, and dream that you had fallen asleep. The second dream not only would necessarily be a dream of your hometown, but would be the most concrete dream one can imagine.

The only way to have absolute control of dreams is to use the technique of the twin positions. And don’t ask me why. It just happens. Like everything else.

The thought of evil cannot withstand examination. In the universe only energy exists; evil is merely a concatenation of the human mind, overwhelmed by the fixation of the assemblage point on its habitual position. Logically, there is really nothing to be afraid of.

There is no past or future in the universe. There is only the moment. Think for a moment, in the universe there is only energy, and energy has only a here and now, an endless and ever-present here and now.

The secret of the twin positions is that the second dream is intending in the second attention: the only way to cross the fourth gate of dreaming .

To make a dream an all-inclusive reality is the art of the old sorcerers. This is dreaming . You should know by now that its transactions are final.

You have been given an abstract gift: the possibility of flying on the wings of intent.

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